Making the value of life and safety professional smart home industry. COMMAX


Sharing of COMMAX diffuses happy communication.

COMMAX aims to be a company creating value of life, creating value of life and pioneering future technology along with our customers.

Where, our customers include all of members of nation and society, as well as our domestic/overseas customers.

COMMAX fulfills social responsibility of company, while communicating spirit of happy communication and sharing to our society by means of sustained and various social activities.

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Sharing hope, sponsoring HABITAT Korea

COMMAX participates in ‘Build a House for Hope’ project under determination that we’re providing safe and happy house. We’re continuing activities of sharing and communication by supplying COMMAX video phones and digital door-locks whenever new house being built nationwide, from Seoul to Uleungdo, and employees of COMMAX take part in as volunteer service partner for installation by themselves.

Sharing value, sponsoring cultural events

COMMAX promotes development of cultural content and actively gives opportunity of cultural activities to local communities, by hosting and sponsoring various cultural events, including concert, recital, and opera, with our customers and local residents invited.

Sharing love, sponsoring social welfare organizations

COMMAX puts social service, of which our employees can participate and share heart by themselves, in practice. We’re sponsoring 6 local social welfare organizations consistently at Seongnam area since 2006, while creating various social contribution activities, such as ‘staking ten thousand of rice pack commemorating Kim Man Deok’ campaign for giving aid to unfortunate neighbors and ‘Beautiful Walking Contest’ for promoting culture of donor, based on voluntary participation of our employees.