Making the value of life and safety professional smart home industry. COMMAX


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A company of sustained innovation, change of life continues.

COMMAX is a global company that has led development of global information-telecommunication devices, since established at South Korea in 1968, a wasteland of information-telecommunication at that time.

It is a specialized company which has developed telecommunication environment consistently for satisfying continuously changing requirements of times, while creating value of life and pioneering future technology along with our customers as a company of sustained innovation for last 50 years. What have made COMMAX of today are will and belief that ‘we’ll engage in the battle with Korean telecommunication technology and brand’, and spirit of challenge and creativity targeting on global arena.

COMMAX, that has been recognized as specialized global company leading change of telecommunication environment from audio to video, from analog to digital, and from wired to wireless so far, makes advance toward global top brand by creating new paradigm beyond restrictions of time and space nowadays.

Change of recent 1 year is taking place much faster and more various than changes of past 10 years. COMMAX plans to research new technology that will open up future and connect globe, as well as smart paradigm ruling world today, and to have competitiveness taking lead by one step forward.

COMMAX will create world in which everyone can enjoys value of advanced life and safety through this.

Thank you.