Making the value of life and safety professional smart home industry. COMMAX


A communication system which is
optimized to variety of industrial sites
including hospital, office, commercial facility
and special facility

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Main products

  • KNX

    COMMAX provides echo-friendly building control solutions spanning from appliances, lightings, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, and air control, as well as monitoring energy usage of entire building, by means of certified KNX protocol.

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  • Hospital communication system (Nurse-call)
    Hospital communication system (Nurse-call)

    It is communication system for intelligent ward administration featuring emergency switch, presence switch, shower booth and bathroom switches, as well as corridor lamp guiding to patient room at emergency situations.

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  • Public Address (PA) System
    Public Address (PA) System

    It is system which delivers highest sound information to apartments, public facilities, and combined commercial facilities, as well as various concert halls and broadcasting stations.

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  • Interphone·intercom
    Interphone · intercom

    It is worldwide steady selling voice communication system of extraordinary voice quality and differentiated design. It allows highest intercommunication at variety of environments including office, education facility, factory, and store.

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  • Wireless interphone · wireless intercom
    Wireless interphone · wireless intercom

    It can be used at any places including hospital, small restaurant, and SOHO office without limit of cabling environment, thanks to communication quality of HD VOICE and wireless solutions applied.

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  • Special industrial system
    Special industrial system

    It offers industrial communication system optimized to non-residential area, such as interphone, cabin administration system, and access control system applied to such special industry sites as vessel, train, and hotel.