Making the value of life and safety professional smart home industry. COMMAX


Chapter 1 Basic ethics of executives and employees

Maintaining dignity of COMMAX

  • Any members of COMMAX are expected to behave morally and ethically for maintaining honor of the company.
  • It is prohibited to behave such that aggravate mood of mutual distrust within organization, or hinder sound organizational ambience, including creating and distributing groundless rumors.
  • Empty formalities and vanity among executives and employees regarding promotion and transition should be avoided within company.

Devotional fulfilment

  • Make sure general policy of the company and articles stipulated on the company standard being understood and complied with during perform duties.
  • Make sure any reports necessary for performing duties being made fairly and honestly at right time.
  • Any members of COMMAX are expected to clarify mission of each personnel in performing their duties, making every efforts to accomplish it, and take full responsibility to the consequences as well.

Performing duties fairly and avoiding conflict with company

  • Following behaviors are prohibited in order to maintain fairness of duty performance.
    • - To receive reward from interested parties
    • - To intervene in selection of business partners
    • - To manipulate or to report falsely documents and figures
    • - To participate in the share of business partners unjustifiably
    • - To utilize company assets illegally and unjustifiably
    • - Other behaviors such as neglect of duties, improper management, act of arrogation, and injury to dignity
  • In a case where an employee receives reward inevitably from interested party, he/she has to report it to senior of department he/she belongs to (for executive, report to higher level executive), taking proper actions following instruction, then report it to Committee of Ethical Management.
  • Make sure not to intervene or make investment in the operation of company which is competing with our company directly/indirectly.

Protecting company assets

  • Any critical event causing, or might causing significant damage to company assets should be reported immediately, and proper actions should be followed by.
  • Security of any secret information of the company should be kept according to rules concerned, and publication of any company information should be made after prior permission.
  • Secret information of the company should be open to authorized personnel only.