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Chapter 2 Responsibility and obligations to our customers

Honest provision of information

  • Make sure to deliver honest information to our customers, not providing or distributing false information.
  • Any issues requiring caution of customers should be informed honestly to them such that our customers can understand sufficiently.

Thorough fulfilment of contract with customers and post management

  • Make sure to keep promise with our customers.
  • Make sure to provide our customers with highest quality products and services, while ensuring they have no complaint due to defective products or poor services.
  • Make sure reacting accurately and promptly with action to legitimate demand for return or request for service.

Protecting customers

  • Make sure to protect properties of customers at same level as properties of company, not using them without prior permission of our customers.
  • Information on our customers should be kept as confidential, making sure it would not be disclosed or without prior permission of our customers, or used for other purpose.
  • Make sure not to make behaviors ruining interest of our customers, resulting from other immoral behaviors.