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Chapter 3 Fair trade

Selecting business partner

  • Establish and implement general regulations and schemes regarding 『business partner selection procedure』, so that our business partners could be selected based upon fair assessment criteria.
  • 『Business partner selection procedure』 includes assessment items and methodologies specified considering characteristics of business.
  • Make sure to exclude any pressures or solicits when selecting business partner.

Supporting, cultivating our business partners

  • Establish and implement criteria for supporting and cultivating our business partners.
  • Criteria to cultivate business partners identified qualification of business partners subject to our support, and includes specific operation criteria such as technical support and managerial instruction.
  • Any profits arising from technical support and managerial instruction should be shared by each other.

Fair transaction and assessment for both parties

  • Provide any information necessary for transaction with each other at proper time, taking required security actions so that there would be no damage due to disclosure.
  • Make sure not to modify terms and conditions of transaction agreed by both parties without justifiable reasons.
  • Notify outcomes of transaction assessed fairly to the business partner, ensuring they could be reflected on the next transaction through prior agreement.
  • Reflect any sound opinions presented for improving and innovating transaction on the business appropriately.
  • Make sure to obtain approval from business partner before using technologies or other assets of our business partner.
  • Reimburse any damages and losses occurred to our business partner due to default of the company fairly.
  • Do not commit unfair behaviors prohibited by acts related with fair trade.