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Chapter 4 Responsibilities of executives and employees

Cultivating talents

  • The company establishes standard of desirable talent and policy of developing talent.
  • The company arranges necessary system for making executives and employees to be autonomous and creative talents, promoting that system, and supporting it actively.
  • The company assigns duties considering hope, aptitude, and capability of executives and employees, while supporting them so that they could be key talents by means of their duties assigned.

Fair treatment

  • The company gives executives and employees opportunity to improve their capability (education, job transition, promotion, and appointment) based on fair criteria, not discriminating them according to academic profile, sex, and locality.
  • The company encourages will to self-development of executives and employees by assessing them fairly with criteria established for assessing qualification, capability, and achievement, while making sure fair reward being given to them.

Health and safety

  • The company takes proper measures for securing health and safety of executives and employees at work.
  • Make sure to take separate safety measures for the workshops having risk factors.

Respecting individual decision

  • Secure privacy of individuals, unless they hinder working atmosphere or good and laudable customs.
  • Arrange necessary scheme for allowing executives and employees to present sound proposal, suggestions, and difficulties freely, and encourage such mood.
  • Do not force specific religion or political party activities, and respect personal religions and political opinions.