Making the value of life and safety professional smart home industry. COMMAX


Variety of residential environments
including large-scale multi-complex such as apartment,
single family residence, multi family house and studio/ villa

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Main products

  • Smart Home system
    Smart Home system

    COMMAX Smart Home system allows humanity and house being communicated each other. It understands living pattern of humanity, recognizing in advance and managing anything they want, thereby giving convenient, joyful, and healthy echo-friendly living to the humanity.

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  • Smart Gate system
    Smart Gate system

    It is home network system that can be installed easily and simply at minimum cost without need to establish complicated server, which provides integrated administration environment with remote controls more convenient and security more advanced.

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  • Gate View system
    Gate View system

    COMMAX Gate View system provides safer environment and more convenient living by means of access control and unmanned security system, which has been developed such that optimized to small multi-dwelling units.

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  • Remodeling system
    Remodeling system

    COMMAX integrated system allows optimized system being established satisfying requirements of customers, spanning from apartment security diagnosis to design and proposal. COMMAX materializes integrated security solution for premium apartment using world-leading class technologies.

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  • Video phone
    Video phone

    COMMAX FINE VIEW Video Phone is basic product family of access control system, to which exclusive imaging technology of COMMAX delivering vivid picture quality, has been applied. It is considered as one of most extraordinary products in terms of quality, design, and economy in global market, as well as in domestic market.

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  • Door phone
    Door phone

    COMMAX door phone, which had been developed for the first time in Korea and brought innovation in the living with automatic opening/closing function, became a foundation allowing today’s home automation products could appear. It is the most fundamental product family in COMMAX history that enhances value of users by means of refined design, as well as high quality voice communication.

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  • Wireless door phone
    Wireless door phone

    It is device delivering communication quality of HD VOICE and door opening functions by means of voice communication technology, that has been accumulated for 47 years, applied to wireless communication, and is wireless door phone used at general houses and offices without cabling work.

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