COMMAX debuted successfully with start-up

COMMAX exhibiting in 2018 CES, is improving the completeness of its A.I. Home through interworking services with various partners and start-ups. COMMAX is attracting attention with its differentiated services from other Smart Home companies by combining various functions that users can use conveniently with Smart Home products.

COMMAX Booth at CES 2018

First, a New way of Smart Home control has been implemented by applying ‘Sync Home’ from Enterple. Once user add COMMAX as a ‘friend’ on Facebook messenger, the user can check the visitor, open the door and control the lights by sending a message on their smartphone. Users can also get access to various O2O services to book and pay for meals and travel seamlessly. COMMAX added that they will extend user convenience by applying the same function to other messengers.

Encored ‘enertalk’ is a convenient product that can check the power consumption simply by attaching sensors to each home. In particular, it is possible to measure the power consumption of each appliance and monitor it with smartphone, so that energy consumption can be efficiently managed. COMMAX and Encored made it easy and simple to monitor power consumption and exhibiting at COMMAX’s A.I. Home booth. 

COMMAX also introduces IoTec's petmom, targeting the companion animal market. Petmom is an IoT-based smart feeder that gives pet a certain amount of feed on time and you can see how much your pet has consumed. This is also a product that helps the health of companion animals because users can schedule the feed and check the amount that the companion animal eats on smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Kumho Petrochemical's face-tech technology has also been applied to COMMAX's access control devices for convenient and secure access control. The face recognition technology is applied to the COMMAX Lobby Phone to enhance the security so that only registered persons can access it, and it is highly hygienic because there is no need to make contact with the device for authentication.

Besides Kumho’s technology, COMMAX has been enhancing accessibility and security by using various authentication methods such as fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, speaker recognition and BLE function of its own.

COMMAX will continue to lead the way in finding and expanding useful technologies and functions for users through collaborations with various start-ups as well as domestic and overseas cooperative companies.